Updating the firmware from bootloader mode

How to update Hideez Key's firmware from bootloader mode

If the firmware updating process fails for any reason, the Hideez Key can remain in bootloader mode. A LED is illuminated constantly (the green color means the key fob is not connected, and the red one means it is connected.)

In this mode, a Hideez Key is seen under the name "v24-Hideez-XXXXX", where XXXXX is the last five digits of the serial number.

Connect the key fob, as usual, using the adding the new device function in Hideez Safe. This device is able to be updated or removed only. Once connected, please, check for updates and follow to the updating wizard instructions.

The most common reason for update failure is a discharged battery. In this case, replace the battery. Do not use the Wi-Fi of the paired phone or PC while update process, because Wi-Fi can affect the quality of the Bluetooth connection.

Note: The battery discharges much quicker in bootloader mode than in regular mode. Do not leave the key fob in this mode for a long time. If you cannot update the firmware for some reason, remove the battery and contact technical support.

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