Principles of operation

Principles of operation of Hideez Key

The electronic device Hideez Key interacts with smartphones, tablets, and computers with the help of radio communication in the standard Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

This standard provides minimum power consumption for maintaining communication and also possesses cryptographic protection of the data transmission channel.

The range of stable communication in conditions of direct visibility of two devices up to 100 meters, indoors - up to 25 meters. The actual level of the signal depends on the distance, surrounding objects, the presence of obstacles on the way, including the human body, which affects the range and performance of the declared functions.

The device can measure the received signal strength (RSSI), and thus approximately estimate the distance between the connected devices. This possibility is placed on the basis of a significant part of the security and signaling functionality.

Also, the Hideez Key is equipped with a radio module RFID operating at a frequency of 125 kHz. To work with Hideez Key via Bluetooth, you need to install the Hideez Safe software on the paired device.

Note: for normal Bluetooth operation it may be necessary to disable some power saving functions on smartphones and tablets since these modes can disable Bluetooth or block the execution of background services.

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