System Requirements

Minimum system requirements for using Hideez Key (individual)

Hideez Key is designed for devices that meet the following requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8* (with an external Bluetooth adapter), 8.1 and higher

The device must be equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 or higher adapter supporting Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart) mode.

Windows operating systems before version 8.1 may not work correctly with Bluetooth 4.0 devices. To work on such systems, you have to use an external USB Bluetooth adapter based on the CSR 8510 chip. Hideez recommends Hideez Dongle. Hideez cannot guarantee the correct operating using unapproved Bluetooth adapters.

Hideez Safe for Windows works with the latest versions of the most popular Internet browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Edge. In these browsers, Hideez Safe determines the site domain name from the current browser tab and uses it to select the appropriate passwords.

The system will work like a typical desktop application with other browsers, displaying the window caption instead of the domain address.

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