Bluetooth error

How to seal with Bluetoth error upon connect

To fix this error follow the next steps:

1. Open standard Bluetooth settings on the PC and add a Key as a paired device. Video

Open Hideez Safe application. You'll see Hideez Key as a not initialized device. You should initialize it, and Key will work.

2. Try to connect Hideez Key in bootloader mode and update the firmware.

3. Delete the information about previous connections from Hideez Key. For that press button on the device nine times shortly. You'll hear one beep and light will blink red and then will be constant green. Press button three times more. Video

4. On your PC check what Bluetooth you are using. For that open the Device Manager:

Find the needed Bluetooth adapter. It could be different from the adapter on the image. Right-click on it and choose "Update drivers". If you have previously installed our application Hideez Safe, then choose "Browse my computer for driver software" and select folder C:\Program Files\Hideez\Safe.

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