Hideez Key 1-2
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First Setup

Set up Hideez Key on your Windows device

1. Register at my.hideez.com

Login to my.hideez.com
Register at my.hideez.com
A confirmation email will be sent to the specified email address. Registration will be completed after clicking on the link in it.
Please note that this service does not store user data (logins, passwords). It is used solely for the purpose of verifying hardware devices of the Hideez Key, firmware, application software, providing encrypted data transmission channels, etc.

2. Installation of Hideez Safe Software

  • Download the installation package of Hideez Safe, then launch it.
  • In the opened window you must enter the login and password of your account on my.hideez.com:
Hideez Safe Software
  • After signing in the application, you must initialize the key.
Hideez Safe Setup
  • To do this, press the button on your key:
Hideez Safe Setup
Next, click “Pair” and enter the account’s password in the opened window:
Pairing Hideez Key with your Hideez account
After that you can import passwords from other password storage system (1Password, LastPass) in a new window:
Importing data to your Hideez account
To enter passwords you can use a combination of hotkeys or the Hideez Key button. By default, the program has the following shortcuts:
Setting up Hotkeys and Button Actions
Also, you can use your key as locker/unlocker of computer:
PC locker settings
For that click on the appropriate checkboxes and enter the password of your computer.
Further, you can watch tutorials and complete the installation.
Hideez Key has been added successfully