Supported browsers and applications

Hideez Safe for Windows works with the latest versions of the most popular Internet browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Edge. In these browsers, Hideez Safe determines the site domain name from the current browser tab and uses it to select the appropriate passwords.

The system will work like a typical desktop application with other browsers, displaying the window caption instead of the domain address.

In Android, Hideez Safe can enter passwords into applications and Web-pages. It works for most of the apps as well as for Chrome, Opera and Javelin browsers.

Other browsers are not supported because they do not provide access to the input elements on web pages. For other applications, automatic access depends on the implementation of the application itself. If the password does not work with some apps, contact our support service with detailed information, including the app name and version. Developers will be able to add support for these apps in future versions of Hideez Safe.

Hideez Safe for iOS works with Safari and can’t enter passwords into Apps. Hideez Safe for Mac works with Safari and Chrome browsers and native Mac applications.