iOS connection with old firmware

How to update Hideez Key's (individual) firmware with Mac

When you try to connect Hideez Key on iOS or macOS with old firmware a connection may be never established.

You can see it in the case when iOS/macOS doesn't provide you default pairing dialog for add/pair new device with your iPhone or Mac.

To do the firmware update on Mac, please do these steps:

1. Click the button on your Hideez Key 9 times (until you hear some unique sound);

2. Click the button on your Hideez Key 5 times. Hideez Key will go to bootloader mode (you see solid green/orange button light);

3. Go to the Hideez Safe App (in status bar), press "+" (Add button), find the device with a name like "v23-Hideez-XXXXX' and choose it;

4. The App will offer you to do the firmware update. Confirm it.

After update process is finished, the device will return to normal mode.

Now you can add it in Hideez Safe and operate it normally.